Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stella Workshop on the Go Artwork

Alright, so here is my rendition of the Stella Workshop on the Go kit.

I had a lot of fun because for once, I could just follow some simple directions and not have to think too hard to complete some really awesome looking layouts. Even my husband is impressed. He complimented me on my layouts!

Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled about this kit at first, but when I found photos to coordinate with it, and now that I'm finished, I am feeling as though this is my favourite of all the kits in this current idea book! What a change of heart on my part!

Hmm, I'm noticing a trend that Landon seems to appear on a large majority of my layouts, I wonder why that is!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Challenge: Actually get your Scrapbooking DONE!

I will admit, I am a hoarder!

But only with scrapbooking material thankfully (ok maybe with tupperware and organizational products too). I love to see all my scrapbook materials nicely organized and stored, and I enjoy re-organizing it too. But let's face it, that is not why I buy it! I do actually have intentions of getting something done with all that paper, glitter, embossing powder, stamps etc!

So if you are anything like me and need some structure and commitment to actually get some scrapbooking done, then I have a solution!

Workshops on the Go Club

Close to My Heart has created 8 Workshops on the Go kits that anyone can purchase and use however they'd like. The kit includes the following:
  • 14 sheets of paper 
    • including 6 - 12"x12" B&T Duos (2 of each 3 double sided designs)
    • and 8 - 12"x12" solid colour cardstock sheets)
  • set of stamps (exclusive to the kit)
  • 2 different sets of embellishments
  • instructional brochure (detailed instructions including measurements and cutting guides)
The kit promises that 2 full double page layouts (4 12"x12" pages total) can be made with the materials, plus if you add an extra or two, you can make the bonus project which is usually a set of 5 cards. I have been working on the Stella Workshop on the Go kit and I've made the 2 layouts they outline, and I kept going and I'm onto my 5th double page layout. The only things I've had to add have been some cardstock for backgrounds plus a single pack of extra embellishments (but I didn't have to, I just happened to have them). See my photo below of one of the extra layouts I made with this kit.

I have decided to run a club type format to have a commitment from a group of 6 or more ladies (men are welcome too...but at this point I don't know any who scrapbook) for 6 or more months.

I have outlined how they will look here.

But basically, we'll meet once a month, each club member will purchase a kit for $29.95 for each month and we'll work on them together with a goal of finishing them completely on the night of the club. This way, you are actually using what you buy, and getting your photos into beautiful scrapbook albums!

**There are a few options to deviate from this if you do not like the entire kit chosen for that month, or if you do not want the stamps that are in the kit. Check out my entire page dedicated to Workshops On the Go.

And seriously, let's actually get something accomplished with our photos this year!

Here's my photo of an extra layout I made with the Stella kit.