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When I was debating whether or not to become a consultant for Close to My Heart, these are the questions I had, and thankfully I contacted a consultant who not only had the answers, but also had the time to meet with me the very next day! She has been so incredibly helpful that I aim to be like her given the opportunity. Here's a start!

How much does it cost to start up my own business with CTMH?
The New Consultant Kit has two options. The master kit costs $99 and includes everything you'll need to start your business. The Essentials kit costs only $49 and only includes all the scrapbooking material without all the order forms, brochures, and catalogues. This allows you the choice of whether you want to pursue this as a business, or just as a hobby!

What do I get in the New Consultant Kit?
This changes with each new Idea Book launch so CLICK HERE to be directed to my website where you can view the contents of the current kit. You'll have to scroll down a bit.

Is there any additional "fine print" I should know about?
When I checked out other companies, they had a sales minimum in order to get the New Consultant Kit for a lower price. Here however, that is not the case. If you purchase the New Consultant Kit and never sell another item, the kit and all it's contents are all yours, no more money is required. You have the choice to build a business or just get the product for a really good deal.

If you would like to see all the legal fine print, you can find it HERE. Scroll down to the bottom of the page in the Contract section.

What is the discount?
An active consultant receives 22-34% discount depending on their sales for the month, as well as a certain amount of free product credit.

Is there a sales quota?
In order to remain an active consultant, a minimum sales of $300 retail must reached per quarter (January - March, April - June, July - August, September - December). If you do not reach this quota, you become a Junior Consultant and still receive 10% as your discount and must reach a minimum sales of $100 per quarter.

May I purchase the New Consultant Kit simply for the discount on future orders?
Absolutely! In fact, you wouldn't be alone. There are many Consultants who do not hold parties, classes or workshops and simply enjoy the discount on their own orders.

How does the first quarter work if I end up not meeting my minimum sales?
After you sign up, you get to enjoy the discount of being an Active Consultant for a complete quarter regardless of your sales within that quarter. Only after the quarter ends does your status (and discount) drop to Junior Consultant level. Junior Consultants who do not meet their quota of $100 per quarter simply cease to be Consultants after such quarter. If your sales meet or exceed the $300 per quarter mark as a Junior Consultant, you automatically switch back to being an Active Consultant with the full discount again.

I don't have a lot of space, do I need to maintain an inventory?
Nope. In fact CTMH recommends that you do NOT carry an inventory due to the fact that there is so much variety in their product and a lot of it is new with each Idea Book release!

Are there some Hosting Benefits I can promote? Who pays for them?
Yes. CTMH provides all Hostess Rewards on qualifying party sales. (Minimum $150 to qualify as a party and get Hostess Rewards). AND as a Consultant, you are able to be your own Hostess and earn more free stuff!

Is there any training offered by CTMH and is it accessable and/or mandatory?
Nothing is mandatory however everything is beneficial to building a business. CTMH has an abundance of training opportunities available including:
  • Online Training Academy
    • this has a large selection of free online classes or tutorials organized into categories - business, creative, personal development, and leadership.
  • Listening Library
    • full of recorded conference calls
  • Bulletin boards
    • for artwork and ideas
  • Business templates
  • Annual Convention (2013 in Florida - right outside Disney World)
    • They even offer a 9 month long payment plan if budgeting is an issue! And 9 months makes those payments really manageable!
  • Canadian Regionals
  • Predesigned workshops and projects
    • so you do not have to invent the wheel to hold classes for your clients!
  •  Consultant Services
    • I have already used this service lots! They have a 1-800 number and an email address which they respond to very promptly. I have been really impressed with their quick response times.
How do I sign up?
You have two options, you may sign up online at my website HERE, or you may contact me and we can do it together the old fashioned way with pen and paper!  It should only take a few minutes to actually sign up, however I guarantee nothing as far as choosing your add-on collections if you decide to do so!

How long must I wait to receive my kit and does it come straight to my house?
Your kit will arrive at your home (provided you are home to receive it) in approximately 7-10 business days depending on where you live. This is for Canada.  For a little added anticipation, I received mine in 5 days however I do not guarantee this speed!

Can I ask you more questions as they come to me?
YES!! I would love to hear from you especially if there is something I can help to clear up for you. Feel free to call me, or send me an email: robyn.ctmh (at)

Now is a fantastic time to join CTMH as a Consultant as there are lots of new and exciting things happening in the business. Also, each new catalog has been packed full of products that sell themselves! You will not regret your decision to join, and why not embark on a new adventure?!

For a little more information from Close to My Heart about becoming an Independent Consultant, you may CLICK HERE.

To enroll as a consultant and join my team, CLICK HERE.

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